Deputy Task 4 Leader – Catalyzing Clean Energy – Dhaka

Job Description / Responsibility
Direct Supervisor : Task 4 Leader
Position Objectives:
The Deputy Task 4 Leader will support engagements on DSM with stakeholders and will focus on creating practical, near-term results in which value can be clearly demonstrated. Practical objectives of Task 4 include:
Refine DSM efforts already underway
Develop and support the implementation of a pilot or pilots to introduce DSM functionality
Develop the contracts and tariff necessary to support new DSM measures
Build capacity of distributors, Power Division and BERC to implement DSM solution
Job Responsibilities:
The Deputy Task 4 Leader will be responsible for providing consulting advisory services to project counterparts linking commercial banks, manufactures looking to pursue energy efficiency projects. The expert will assist CCEB staff in developing and delivering the deliverables noted in the approved Task 3 CCEB work plans. Key activities the Deputy Leader will support include the following:
Evaluate existing DSM measures and identify improvements
Work with distributors and BERC to evaluate existing DSM measures, including TOU tariffs
Develop evaluation protocol for DSM measures, including impact, process, customer satisfaction, and financial evaluations
Based on evaluation results, recommend refinements and improvements to existing and planned DSM measures
Build the capacity of the DSM cells to implement recommended improvements
Develop tariff and contract for interruptible customer
Work with distributors and BERC to evaluate existing contracts
Develop evaluation protocol for DSM measures, including impact, process, customer satisfaction, and financial evaluations
Build the capacity of the DSM cells to implement recommended improvements
Explore the opportunity to introduce TOU tariff for commercial customers
Determine the scope for TOU tariff for commercial customers
Make understand the distributors about the benefits of this DSM protocol
Work with distributors to incorporate load limiter and load controller into the meters
Determine the scope for limiters and controllers
Explain value proposition of DSM protocols to distributors
Support other utility to design and implement pilot
Build DSM Cell in other conducting pilot
Support DSM Cell in implementation of pilot
Training for capacity building of stakeholders
Develop training programs for engineers and technicians in the field of design implementation and maintenance of DSM
Collaborate with national knowledge centers, regional and international agencies in implementing capacity building activities.
Other duties as assigned
Assignment Duration, Level of Effort, and Work Location:
The CCEB project has begun and will be implemented through September 2017; this assignment will be project based through the end of the project in 2017. This position is expected to begin in March 2015 and continue for a 24-month period. The primary work location will be at the CCEB project office in Gulshan 1.

Job Nature

Educational Requirements
Bachelor degree in relevant discipline such as engineering, economics, environmental science, or urban planning

Experience Requirements
Minimum 5 year(s)

Additional Job Requirements
Applicants should possess the following minimum qualifications to be considered for the position:
At least five years of exposure to developing and implementing energy efficiency interventions such as advanced metering and appliance labeling
Training and capacity building experience
Proven leadership, management, and communication experience
Excellent communication skills, including strong presentation, networking and facilitation skills
Passion for impact and learning
Excellent English and Bangla, both written and verbal
Previous experience with donor-funded commercial bank development and financing projects in Bangladesh preferred
Knowledge of the energy efficiency market and the application of energy efficiency advisory services to Bangladeshi manufacturers preferred
Excellent computer skills
A team player willing to engage other donors, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, counterparts, and our client to ensure the successful promotion of CCEB in Bangladesh

Interested parties should submit their full CV and contact information via e-mail to the CCEB project office to the attention of: Director, HR,, noting “Intern” in the subject line. Submissions are requested by February 28, 2015 and only applicants selected for interview will be notified.
Female candidates are encouraged to apply