Regulatory Organizational Structure Specialist – Catalyzing Clean Energy

Job Description / Responsibility
Position Objectives: CCEB intends to engage a short-term local specialist to work with an expatriate specialist to develop an appropriate and effective organizational structure (including legal department) of BERC for carrying out its functions efficiently. The specialist is expected to have working experience in the Ministry of Public Administration. He/she should also have sound experience in development of public sector organizational structure; and have adequate knowledge of the procedures of approval of such organizational structure by the Government of Bangladesh.
Scope of Work:
The local organizational specialist will:
Review the BERC Act 2003 and any relevant document to have a clear understanding of the functions of BERC.
Review the existing structure and make needs assessment for revision of the organizational structure.
Review the revised organizational structure earlier proposed by BERC to the government and draft revised organizational structure of BERC prepared by CCEB.
Work with the expatriate specialist to develop a revised organizational structure based on the above reviews and needs assessment for BERC and develop procedures for functioning of various sections/departments of the proposed organizational structure.
Work with the expatriate specialist to make presentations of the draft revised organizational structure to BERC highlighting the salient features with explanations of rationales to establish the need of the developed structure; and to review the comments of BERC and take into account as considered appropriate, and finalize the revised organizational structure for BERC.
Assist BERC in preparation and the submission of the proposal of revised organizational structure in appropriate format to the government for approval.
The local organizational specialist shall work with the expatriate specialist to deliver a report on completion of the assignment which would include detailed organizational diagram of BERC showing all sections/departments, various tiers/hierarchy, the number of personnel in each tier and section/department and procedures for carrying out the functions of the departments/sections.
Level-of-Effort and Time Schedule:
The estimated level-of-effort for this assignment is 50 days. The local specialist is expected to be mobilized by the beginning of February, 2015.
The local expert will be provided with office accommodation with internet connection and printing facilities. However, the local expert will bring his/her own laptop.

Job Nature

Educational Requirements

Interested parties should submit their full CV and contact information via e-mail to the CCEB project office to the attention of: Director, HR,, noting “Short-Term Local Specialist in Regulatory Organizational Structure under Task 1” in the subject line. Submissions are requested by February 25, 2015 and only applicants selected for interview will be notified.
Female candidates are encouraged to apply