Specialized Teacher – Dhaka – Friendship

Job Description / Responsibility
The respected teacher will need to conceptualize the Education sector in Bangladesh and education sector of Friendship, particularly the Char perspective. He/she will be responsible for conducting ‘Question/Answer session’ for the students of grade 6. Additional responsibilities will include activities related to classification, preparation and development of materials that would be beneficial for the learners.
Clarification of different subjects of grade 6 as appropriate for the students in the Char areas.
Conduct ‘Question/Answer session’ through mobile phone or Skype, for different subjects (Bangla/English/Math/Science/Social Studies/Religion/Agriculture/Home Economics etc.).
Prepare notes or solutions for the learners in advance.
Prepare notes on FAQs and convey it to the students.
Develop means of monitoring and evaluating the learners.
Visit schools once a month.

Job Nature

Educational Requirements
Have a bachelor degree. Master degree in relevant subject to teach (Bangla, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Agriculture, and Home Economics etc. will be preferable

Experience Requirements
Minimum 1 year(s)

Additional Job Requirements
Working Hours & Days:
Subject Specialist Teachers will work as a PART-TIME CONTRACTUAL staff of Friendship (this will be a nine months contract with possibilities of extension). They will be facilitating question-answers classes for 6 (six) days in a week. Working hours will be 2 hours each day (from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM). Working schedule will be finalized through consultative manner.
Have experience of teaching (particularly, in secondary level).
Good inter-personal communication skills.
Orientation on use of ICT in Education.
Able to juggle multiple activities demanded for an ICT based teaching-learning process.

Salary Range

Other Benefits
As per organizational policy

Send your CV to hr@friendship-bd.org