Nurse – Cox’s Bazar – Action Contre la Faim

Job Description / Responsibility
• We are looking for Nurse (Ukhiya, Teknaf & Mohashkhali)
• He/she is responsible for the enrolment and outpatient/ inpatient management of severely acutely malnourished (SAM) cases, collection, data management, bio-sampling and follow up following protocol.
• A) Ensure admission and discharge of eligible beneficiary ( severe acute malnutrition without medical complications) in the OTP/ Research program:
• Check anthropometric measurement of the children (height, weight, MUAC, checking bilateral oedema and W/H percentage) taken by measurers during admission, follow up and discharge
• Check clinical sign, symptoms and history of SAM cases to diagnose medical complication and refer SAM cases with medical complication to in-patient treatment.
• Implement and follow up nutritional and medical/systematic treatment for severe acute malnourished children in the OTP according to protocol.
• Monitor hypothermia, hypoglycemia, dehydration and other medical complication and take timely action to prevent and treat those complication
• Check if all the procedures completed before discharge (anthropometric measurements, medical and nutritional treatment, systematic treatment, and health and nutrition educations).
• Record all the necessary information on the registration book, treatment sheet, follow up card at admission and discharge for each beneficiary.
• B) Ensure admissions and discharge of eligible beneficiaries ( severe acute malnutrition cases with medical complications) in the SC:
• Identify severely acute malnourished children with medical complication and decide the need for inpatient care.
• Decide which patients should be admitted rapidly with an abbreviation history and examination after formal admission and the start of treatment.
• Ensure the dispensing of sugar water and F75 upon admittance
• Monitor and diagnose hypothermia, hypoglycemia, dehydration, severe anemia, take timely action to prevent and treat those complications using the protocol strictly and in consultation with the medical doctor in charge.
• Follow up of the anthropometric measurement of the children (height, weight, MUAC, checking bilateral oedema and W/H percentage) taken by registrar/measurer.
• Record all the necessary information on the registration book, treatment sheet, follow up card at admission and discharge for each beneficiary.
• Ensure admission and discharge criteria implemented is correct and in accordance with standard protocol.
• C) Follow up in the treatment phases in the OTP/ SC:
• Explain caregiver about follow up of medical and nutritional treatment procedures in the OTP
• Explain the treatment and follow up procedures in the SC to caregiver/attendance, especially 24 hours attendance and follow up of the medical and nutrition treatment.
• Calculation, distribution and monitoring of therapeutic food (RUTF)/ therapeutic milk according to the standard protocols for the beneficiaries.
• Encouragement of breastfeeding and initiate supplementary Suckling technique (SST) for appropriate children.
• Follow up of the anthropometric measurements taken by measurer according to the protocols, admission day on weekly bases and record in the registration book, follow up cards for each beneficiary.
• Ensure that the systematic treatment and drugs are given correctly to the beneficiaries.
• Follow up of the gain of weight, appetite test of OTP beneficiaries’ weekly basis and provide feedback to the caregivers.
• Identify patient who need to be transfer to inpatient with medical complication and/or failure to respond to treatment in OTP and follow up of the beneficiaries transferred from inpatient to the OTP for continuation of treatment.
• Identification of absence and defaulters from OTP sites and follow up at home through outreach team, volunteer network of NUT/MH
• D) Dissemination of health and nutrition educations:
• Warm welcoming to the caregivers and beneficiaries.
• Explain the nutrition treatment phase, follow up procedures and rules to be followed, especially regular presence and timely feeding.
• Explain cause and consequence of malnutrition, importance of treatment and way to prevent malnutrition
• Provide health and nutrition educations to the caregivers and beneficiaries on (breastfeeding, complementary feeding, responsive feeding, hygiene, care practice, care for pregnant and lactating women and prevention of illness).
• Explain the importance of hygiene and sanitation for children and family member (safe water drinking, nail cutting, washing hand with soap before food preparation, feeding child, taking meal and after defecation and contact with any dirt etc.)
• E) Drugs and therapeutic feeding products stock management:
• Keep daily record/tally on utilization of each medicine and therapeutic feeding product used in OTP/SC
• Prepare weekly/monthly utilization, requisition and stock report for therapeutic feeding products and medicines used in OTP/SC
• Follow up the utilization and expiry information of all therapeutic feeding product and medicines at regular basis and inform supervisor for appropriate action required.
• F) To supervise admission of SAM cases to CMAM program, recruit participants to the OptiDiag study as per inclusion and exclusion criteria and follow these participants up at the assigned Community based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) site and bio-samples management (Urine, hair and blood).
• Actively attend the pre-training for this position
• Ensure proper passive screening of all U5 for accurate diagnosis of SAM cases (eligible as participant in the study) using MUAC/WHZ through collaboration with MoH&FW / CMAM OTP staff at the assigned facility
• Conduct interviews and obtain signed informed consent for eligible child to participate in the study at admission and on every visit to the OTP centres when selected with the exception of informed consent
• Record clinical examination, draw and test blood, hair and urine samples on admission and at interval strictly following the research Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
• Ensure cold chain, process and prepare the samples for testing and store leftover samples for further requirement following the SOP for all participants
• Prepare contact list of participants per week for follow-up purpose
• Support defaulter tracing of study participants when necessary
• Relapse monitoring of the study participants.
• E) Reporting and statistic of the centre
• Keep a tally of all the beneficiaries admitted in and discharged from the OTP /SC (admission, cured, defaulters, death, transfer and referral) by age group and admission criterion on a daily/weekly basis.
• Record the absence of the beneficiaries for home visiting and follow up.
• Collection and compilation of the daily, weekly and monthly statistics reports
• Properly fill-in all questionnaires and record all measurements in accordance with the appropriate consistency checks and completeness rules
• In addition to the digital database, properly file all participants forms label with their ID in order at the assigned facility
• Analyse, digitize, backup and report data to OptiDiag PM at the end of every week
• F) Quality Control
• Managing anonymity and confidentiality of all the collected information
• Ensure Quality Assurance, Bio-Safety and Bio-Security
• Perform in house maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment according to maintenance plan and on demand for their optimum operation.

Job Nature

Educational Requirements
Bachelor of Science in Nursing/ Graduated medical nurse from Government recognized institutions.

Experience Requirements
• At most 1 year(s)
• The applicants should have experience in the following business area(s):
Hospital, NGO

Job Requirements
• Only females are allowed to apply.
• At least 6 months -1 year of experience in the hospital set up/ research work, preferred with work experience in the field of Community based Management of Acute Malnutrition [ CMAM (SC/ OTP), IYCF and Care practices ].Fresh graduated medical nurses are also encouraged to apply.
• Good communication and organisation skills are necessary.
• Experienced in bedside nursing and/or collection and handling of specimens (biomarker-samples)
• Experienced in both active and passive screening with regards to anthropometric measurement (MUAC and WHZ)
• Experienced in qualitative and quantitative data collection
• Ability to read and understand English

Please send the required documents:
Complete and updated CV + cover letter including 2 (two) professional references
Recent passport size photograph
The final clearance from your previous employer
Copy of educational certificates and work certificates
To HR Department, ACF- International – REEM GUEST HOUSE, Floor-07, Plot 87/B, Block A, Kolatoli R/A, Cox’s Bazaar.
Closing date for application: on 6th October, 2016 (before 5:00 pm)
Nb: Only complete files will be considered.
Only Female candidates are encourage to Apply
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted by ACF.
Please be prepared for the technical tests / interviews.