Installation & Commissioning Engineer – Renowned Telecom Company

Job Description / Responsibility
• Customer’s installation works, maintaining standard for Ericsson Transmission Network.
• Installation, Commissioning, Alignment of 1+0, 1+1 Hot Standby Ericsson Microwave Radio System using MMU2C, MMU2D, MMU2 B, MMU2F PDH link.
• Supervise to Technicians installation works, maintaining standard for Ericsson Transmission Network.
• experience in Spectrum Analyzer, PDH tester, VSWR tester etc.
• E1 testing/ BER testing for PDH.
• Experience on Installation supervision of 3G project on ERICSSON equipment
• Experience on Installation supervision, Configuration, Troubleshooting of 1800MHz GSM to 900MHz EGSM conversion in 2106i RBS, 2116V2 RBS, 2206 RBS, 2216V2 RBS, 6202 RBS,6101 RBS,6201 RBS,6102 RBS of Airtel Responsible for Commissioning and maintenance of BTS/RBS (Ericsson) , PDH commissioning and maintenance(Ericsson) with Rectifier (Emerson,Delta).
• Conducting PAT for both PDH links and BTS to Customer.
• Rectification of Telecom equipments (MW and BTS/RBS and control system).
• Supervise and installation of GSM equipment and accessories.
• VSWR checking by the Site master (Anritsu).
• Successfully completed E1 cascading.
• To solve operator complaints efficiently.
• Coordinating & carrying out necessary information collection from site
• Installation & commissioning of BTS
• Supervise installation, commissioning of PDH link
• Supervise and installation of SDH link
• Installation & commissioning RBS
• Integrating new sites
• Lead a team on installation and integration of Huawei/ Siemens/ Nokia/ Ericsson BTS
• Installation of RF Jumper as well as connectors and all the settings
• Integration such as commissioning T1 connection and successful collection ?and report of the file pos-integration and troubleshooting
• Operating & Maintenance more than 200 Flexi and Ultra BTS.
• Installation and Commissioning of Nokia Base Station Family, Nokia Flexi-BTS, Nokia BTS Ultra site Gsm/edge (900 to 1800 Band Synchronization) with FXC RRI and/or FXC E1/T1, FIU 19, Nokia Talk Family.
• Installation, Commissioning and troubleshooting of PDH radios like Nokia Flexi-Hopper (FIU 19) and Nokia RRI.
• Expand and doing cross connection E1 traffic for upgrade Capacity
• Experiences and solved many alarm of Nokia Flexi BTS, Nokia BTS Ultra site, (can be caused by Bad VSWR, Optical cable/connector dirty/broken).
• Experiences and solved many type of RSSI alarm of Nokia Flexi BTS.
• Alignment & fine-tuning of microwave links (0.3, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4m) between two sites.
• Day to day coordination to check up the call drops and other BTS related issues.
• New Site audit & acceptance from projects to ensure good quality installation.
• Operation and Maintenance and Change the cross connection of transmission equipments like RRI card and
• FIU 19.
• Supervise and Coordinate with Electrical vendor to avoid electrical fault.
• OMCR and Network Management System to solve the E1 and link related Alarms.
• Responsible for the acceptance test of FIU (PDH), CERAGON (SDH) and IDM (SDH).
• Technical support to BTS Engineer to resolve the BTS related issues.
• Operation and maintenance as well as monitoring of the network.
• TRX splitting of 1st and 2nd sector or 2nd and 3rd sector and 1st and 3rd sector.
• Creation of Alarms from BSC.
• BSC commands related to BTS & BSC information.
• Acceptant Test of Sites.
• Commissioning and integrating of BTS (NOKIA Flexi, Ultra), NEC Microwave Link.
• Responsible for Implementation, Installation, Integration, Commissioning, O&M & Acceptance Test of Nokia BTS.
• Initiative, dedicated, well decisive and flexible to work in any environment with good interpersonal skills.
• Co-ordinate implementation / configuration / field trials of GSM equipments.
• Creative, confident, self-motivated and customer oriented.
• Co-ordinate Acceptance testing, resolution of pending points of A/T.
• Good in documentation and keep track of various activities such as WCC and checklist.
• Leading a team also for Installation of GSM-900 & GSM-1800 BTS
• Infrastructure (e.g. BTS ,Microwave & Power )
• Coordinating with various teams for the smooth functioning and for fault free network.
• Q1 management for all FIUs.
• Good understanding of GSM Transmission Network.
• Experienced in installation, commissioning and testing of Huawei RTN, NEC (Indoor and Outdoor
• units) such as Installation and commissioning of IDU (1+0, 1+1), ODU (7,11,12,13,15,18, 23, 38 GHz) and
• installation of 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, 1.8 M antenna having 18, 23 and 38 GHz frequency bands.
• Installation,commissioning of new sites(BTS3012,312&3900, 3900L)
• Installation, commissioning and configuration of Huawei RTN MW Links.
• Installation, commissioning &configuration of NEC NEO, Passo link iPassolink1000/2000Radio
• Transmission and Circuit work order from BSC to new Sites
• VSWR &BER tests.
• TRX, PMU, CDU switch on test
• NMS Implementation
• Software upgrades
• Completed the targets of given number of sites for Assigning Trans Receiver (TRX) & Trans Receiver (TRX) Signaling on the Traffic CH (ITCH) in Traffic Manager.

Job Nature

Educational Requirements
B. Sc in Engineering in EEE/ ETE/ ECE/ CSE/ CIS from Reputed Universities.

Experience Requirements
• 1 to 3 year(s)
• The applicants should have experience in the following area(s):
Telecommunication Engineer
• The applicants should have experience in the following business area(s):

Job Requirements
• Age 23 to 35 year(s)
• Should have professional appearance with challenging attitude towards his job
• Good command in English with excellent communication skill
• Dynamic in profession.

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