Finance Assistant – MedGlobal Inc – Cox’s Bazar

We are looking for a Finance Assistant who is energetic, disciplined, and proactive with a strong understanding of accounts, finance, banking, VAT & Tax issues and auditing and financial management. The Finance Assistant is responsible for assisting the Finance and HR Coordinator/Department in all the accounts management activities and ensuring value for money of MedGlobal.
To be successful as a Finance Assistant he/she needs to have a clear understanding and knowledge about accounting procedures, banking and VAT, AIT and Tax, salary issues of staff, good knowledge on accounting software and reporting accounts related data to HQ or others concerned as and when ordered to do so.

Job Responsibilities
Ensure timely Data Entry in the automated accounting software system.
Keep a record of transaction and preparation of all kinds of vouchers in software processes on a regular basis.
Maintain cash book register, bank book register, asset register, collection register and payment register.
Maintain vendors payable statements and calculate VAT & TAX .
Properly record transactions in a timely manner.
Prepare a monthly bank reconciliation statement.
Prepare payroll statements and calculate Income Tax.
Prepare reports on Audit findings.
Checking & Verification of bills, vouchers and other supporting documents.
Inventory Audit and supervising time to time to store-in-charge.
To perform any other assignment as by the concern authority in time to time
Finance Assistant will be reports to Finance and HR Coordinator in performance of his duties and devotes time as per following broad headings:
1. Finance and Accounts Related Activities (75%)
Work as per the directives of Finance & HR Coordinator for financial management, bookkeeping, and related activities.
Ensure the correctness of vouchers, money receipt, bills, ledgers and all such documents are updated daily on software and in hard copies as appropriate.
Make timely payment as per the instruction of Finance and HR Coordinator and keep records.
Make sure timely vendor payment is timely with appropriate supporting vouchers/documents authenticated by proper signature.
Ensure efficient financial management procedures and monitoring of projects accounts and accurate periodical reporting as needed.
Assist to Finance and HR Coordinator for timely audit of project fund on completion of project as directed by NGOAB.
Support the collection and accurate reporting of finance as guided by the Finance and HR Coordinator.
Organize training sessions on Accounts & finance for our own staff from time to time as needed by the organization.
Networking: 15% of time
Keep good liaison with Banks, partners, and other financial institutions MedGlobal deals with.
Attend in-house and represent MedGlobal outside meetings as required.
Follow up with headquarter staff after attending meetings.
Others 10% of time
Contribute to developing and updating organizational documents on finance and accounts.
Keep good communication with other in-country departments and ensure that various project payments are given highest priority.
Prepare salary advice on time to ensure timely payment of staff salary and allowances.
Complete administrative tasks of the Maternity team
Good and clear understanding of MedGlobal financial canons and rules and procedures and updating this knowledge.
Provide financial, admin and logistic support to implement the project activities.
Help new staff to open salary accounts and other accounts related jobs.
Attend meetings as directed by the Finance and HR Coordinator.
Employment Status
Work at office

Educational Requirements
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Experience Requirements
At least 3 year(s)

Additional Requirements
Age 25 to 40 years
Demonstrated experience of working closely with financial/accounting departments of the government, Health Sector, and experience of working with a large complex multi-partner team.
Understanding of accounting principles of NGO and public sector and national health system issues is an advantage.
Fluency in Bangla and English and effective communication skill (verbal/nonverbal)
Effective presentation of relevant information (oral & written)

Minimum graduation in accounts and/or finance.
Certification and education/training in accounting, accounting software, cost accounting, financial management, will be preferred.
A minimum of 3+ years of experience at banks or MNCs or INGOs/NGOs or large business houses.
Experience in training facilitation and strong interpersonal communication skills with the ability to communicate and negotiate clearly and effectively at all levels.
Experience of working in Cox’s Bazar area will be an advantage.
Experience in working in NGO/INGO providing health care services will have additional value.
Person with disability are encouraged to apply

Apply Procedure
Send your CV to
Application Deadline : 4 May 2023