Lecturer – The School of General Education – BRAC University – Dhaka

Job Context
The School of General Education (SGE) at BRAC University is invested in delivering a solid Liberal Arts curriculum committed to content and pedagogical excellence with ample opportunity for teaching and learning and faculty growth. SGE has oversight over university wide core course, liaising between departments as well as delivering its own courses. The residential Semester at Savar is also under SGE. SGE is looking to hire faculty to teach ethics, history, political economy in the position of Lecturer. The duties include teaching up to four undergraduate courses a semester, three semesters a year. The School of General Education, BRAC University is inviting applications for the position of Lecturer.
Profile: We welcome applicants with interests in Philosophy, History, Politics, International Relations and Sociology. The ideal candidate will have an interest in curriculum development and pedagogical innovation, the ability to connect the classroom with the realities outside the classroom, an interest in “civically-engaged learning”, research interests of their own, a willingness to transgress disciplinary boundaries, a commitment to institution-building and network-building by adding new components to the classroom and academic life of the university.
Job Responsibilities
Employment Status

Educational Requirements
A Masters in the above (ideally from a reputed university abroad).

Additional Requirements
Some teaching experience will be given priority
A commitment to excellence in teaching, research, service, and outreach,
The ability to engage students in writing

Apply Procedures
Send your CV to gened.recruitment@bracu.ac.bd