Sr. Software Engineer – Softrobotics Bangladesh Limited – Dhaka

Job Responsibilities
Developing and maintaining Application and APIs: You will be responsible for designing and implementing application’s requirements and APIs using Laravel, which will serve as the communication layer between various systems and applications.
Integrating with third-party APIs: You will be responsible for integrating with third-party APIs, such as payment gateways, social media platforms, and other software solutions.
Creating database structures and managing data: You will be responsible for creating database structures and managing data using Laravel’s database abstraction layer, Eloquent.
Testing and debugging: You will be responsible for testing and debugging your code to ensure that it meets the project requirements and is free of errors.
Documentation: You will be responsible for creating documentation for your code, including API documentation, database schema documentation, and other technical documents.
Performance optimization: You will be responsible for optimizing your code for performance and scalability, ensuring that it can handle large volumes of data and requests.
Collaboration: You will be responsible for collaborating with other developers, project managers, and stakeholders to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget.
Staying up-to-date: You will be responsible for staying up-to-date with the latest developments in Laravel and API development, and incorporating new features and best practices into your code.
Employment Status

Educational Requirements
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in CSE
Skills Required: Documentation, JS JQuery AJAX, Laravel Development, MySQL, REST API
Experience Requirements
1 to 5 year(s)

Additional Requirements
Age 23 to 35 years
Both males and females are allowed to apply
The candidates must have experience in Laravel framework as well as experience building RESTful APIs at least for one year.

Apply Procedure
4th Floor, 58/9(Barek Mansion 2), Free School Street, Box Culvert, Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh
5th Floor, House#87/A, Road#2/1, Block#B, Sughanda, Muradpur,Chittagong,Bangladesh
Application Deadline : 7 Jul 2023